LEVCOR enjoys the esteem of our tenant partners because every action we take is directed at enabling the success of their businesses. We not only recognize unique properties, but also excel at building the proper tenant mix for lively and sustainable visitor traffic. The company’s lean structure and customer-centric focus means that it can offer more responsive service than its competitors—regardless of scale.


LEVCOR’s approach to property development has resulted in positively impacting both the property itself and surrounding communities. The company specializes in the turnaround of underperforming locations to Class A properties. This comes with the firm’s keen eye for overlooked opportunities. Experience and ownership in every phase of development—from acquisition to disposition—drives our successes. Our focused vision and leadership consistently deliver strong concepts for each property in our portfolio.

Property Management

LEVCOR brings ample expertise and resources to the management of its properties. We pride ourselves in being proactive to tenant and property needs. We insist on providing tenants and property visitors with enjoyable spaces. This leads to the fulfillment of a primary goal—to make our properties positively contribute to communities they serve.


LEVCOR’s lean management structure enables it to quickly execute transactions and position its assets for future success. We have repeatedly closed deals based on the ability to act, often as large REITs and other investors struggle with internal approvals. Equally important, LEVCOR takes a significant ownership stake in its projects, making us as invested in the success of the projects as co-investors and tenants. We prioritize financially positive investments; our experience guides us repeatedly in capitalizing on such opportunities.